Pest And Disease Control Measures And Control Practices

Plant Protection Assignment 5N2546

A. Pest and disease control measures and legislative control practices.

1. Describe five specific situations where pest and disease control measures are required.

(5 pests)
The first signs that slugs are in your garden is probably that the leaves on plants are ripped or tore and that there are visible slime trails on the ground.

Control measures
Slugs can be dealt with in a number of different ways. They can be removed by hand or by using beer traps or slug pellets.

Vine Weevel
The plants will show signs of wilting and most notably will have perfect u-shaped bites in the leaves.

Control measures
They can be removed by hand or using a soil base insecticide. Heshen.

You will probably see them quite clearly on the plant but they can also be spotted at an earlier stage when their eggs are in the centre of the plant or under the leaves.

Control measures
Again they can
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Predators are those organisms that prey on others for food, a ladybird for example is a natural predator of aphids. Parasites are organisms that live at the expense of another, such as the larvae of the parasitic wasp which lives in the larva of the whitefly and eat them from the inside.[2]

Integrated Control
This is when a range of control methods are used to see the lifecycle of the pest and to see which method/s are the most effective in managing that pest or disease. A typical programme will involve a wide range of approaches which include cultural, biological and as a last resort (if one is available) chemical control. This method has the benefit that by using a combination of different approaches is a much more effective overall control of the pest than just one method alone. [3]

3. Describe the relevant legislative control practices including notifiable pests and

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