Pesonality Overview Essay

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Personality Paper
Patricia Poling
Psychology 405
Febuary 13, 2012
Karen Wilson

Personality Paper
The meaning of personalities differs among psychologist. Most do agree the word personality derives from Latin persona. Persona refers to the mask an actor wears in their theatrical performances in Greek and Roman dramas (Fiest & Feist, 2006). This does not apply the complete meaning of personality. There are many others. This is one definition of personality. This does not apply to the definition altogether. A psychologist the term personality is referring to more than the role or part one plays. Traits refer to an individual and the different types of behavior. These behaviors are at times consistent, others these may be erratic.
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5) Biological versus social influences; Are individuals shaped by biology or do the social, and environment play a role in their personalities
6) Uniqueness versus similarities; this is the traits that make people alike and the traits that make them different.
Factors that Influence the Development of Individual Traits and Characteristics
Many factors affect the development of individual traits and characteristics in their lifetime. Some of these might include biological processes, social forces, or intrapersonal conflict—both conscious and unconscious.
Five Factor Theory of Personality Development In social sciences the thought is personality traits can be generalized into five domains, commonly referred to as the Five Factor Model (FFM) or Big Five (Nevid & Rathus, 2005). McCrae and Costa were the first to relate FFM to lifetime personality development, which when applied, explains that the transformation of individual traits over time is largely due to biological processes (Lucas & Donnellan, 2009). These hypothesized that personality development and species-wide intrinsic maturational processes, such as decreased cognitive abilities in the elderly, may explain characteristic change. This approach to personality development is in line with the empiricist, materialist

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