Persuasive Speech : ' Antigone ' Essays

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Crystal Wu
Mrs. Johns
Eng. 3H, per. 5
September 23, 2016
Antigone Persuasive Speech Greetings my fellow Thebans! I, Teiresias, have come to address the edict proclaimed to this city of Thebes by our new king Creon. As you may have heard, Eteocles and Polyneices, sons of Oedipus, murdered each other in a battle for the throne. In Creon’s decree, Eteocles shall be honored for his patriotism with the proper burial rites. With regards to Polyneices, Creon has forbidden his burial, declaring his unworthiness of such basic privileges as a traitor and an enemy to Thebes. However, Polyneices’ loyal sister Antigone has buried her brother’s body in defiance of Creon’s strict orders. As a prophet who has advised and guided Thebes with good counsel, I can assure that Antigone’s actions are justified because of her unwavering adherence not only to her family but also to the Gods. In her utter devotion to her brother, Antigone fought for justice with her sacrifice for Polyneices’ right to a proper burial. Coping with the death of her two brothers already overwhelmed her with bitterness, grief, and despair. But her sorrow and suffering only elevated knowing that Polyneices’ body was left unburied “for hungry birds of prey to swoop and feast/ On his poor body” (29-30). She never thought to conform to Creon’s authority, but to rather protect her brother’s defenseless body from the dogs and birds that would prey upon it. Regardless of the law and the dangers that would await her, she was…

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