Persuasive Actions In The King's Speech

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In The King’s Speech, Bertie, who ends up becoming King George VI of England, suffers from a severe speech impediment that impacts his ability to complete his responsibility as a Duke of York. Together, Lionel, a speech therapist, and Bertie work to overcome Bertie’s speech impediment, which in the end allows him to successfully capture the country’s approval of his ability to effectively fulfill his position as King George VI of England. The King’s Speech includes a variety of realistic examples of persuasive techniques that can be supported by a few of the concepts discussed throughout the course of this semester.
The first persuasive scene noticed in the film could be characterized as an example of pure persuasion and is when a speech therapist
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In order to defend his credibility, Lionel had to solidify his credibility to Bertie because credibility is mainly receiver based; therefore, he explains how he has experience in speech therapy from when he successfully helped the returned soldiers face their difficulties with speaking. He successfully proves his credibility by reminding Bertie about how he has already helped him find his voice after he intentionally irritates him by sitting on the throne, which gives heed to a successful dialogue on Bertie’s part. Since credibility functions as a peripheral cue in this instance, Lionel needed to make the idea of having credentials or a degree seem less important to Bertie, which he completed by remaining as highly involved with Bertie’s therapy as he was when they initially began treatment. Lionel also had to validate his ability to be credible without a degree by highlighting the ways in which he successfully adheres to a multitude of dimensions of credibility. For example, he displayed his expertise through his successful experience, he displayed his goodwill by highlighting the fact that he genuinely wanted to help the Duke after hearing his speech with his son, and he remained a dynamic yet composed attitude when he was enticing successful dialogue from Bertie. These actions allowed Lionel’s attempt to persuade Bertie to be successful because he effectively adhered to a variety of factors that impact a person’s level of

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