Essay on Persuade You Into Supporting Stem Cell Research

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Why is it that some people don’t appreciate what they have until they lose it? To have the ability to use your arms, legs or even brain are unappreciated until a person loses that ability. Despite the fact that, what if there is a way to restore those parts of the body, including deadly illnesses. What would you do then?
In this essay, I will try to persuade you into supporting stem cell research. I’ll do so by explaining the benefits of this research that treat the lives of the individuals with a disability or a disease.
The majority of us know or will know someone who is suffering in life because they have a failing organ, cancer or a disability, or any disease. For example, multiple sclerosis is a serious disease that targets the brain and spinal cord causing the individual to become paralyzed. Test have been made using paralyzed mice. The objective of the tests was to cure the mice giving them the ability to walk again. According to Ker Than (2014) she states, “Mice crippled by an autoimmune disease similar to multiple sclerosis (MS) regained the ability to walk and run after a team of researchers… implanted human stem cells into their injured spinal cords” (Ker Than, 2014).
The same could be said for cancers such as leukemia. For when people who have cancer have to undergo chemotherapy, which destroys bone marrow resulting in the body’s failure to resort bleed cells needed to carry oxygen, fight infections, as well as stop bleeding (National Cancer Institute, 2013).…

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