Personal Statement On Expressing Happiness Essays

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Expressing Happiness
My whole life happiness has been considered an emotion that I enjoyed experiencing. However, according to chapter ten in our readings, “happiness does not fit most standard definitions of emotions”, although being happy has always been a part of my personality. To me, happiness is considered an emotion because I do not have any other way to describe it. I can agree with the notion of the broaden-and build theory, which states, “positive emotions promote broadened attention so that we are more likely to notice opportunities in the environment, as well as greater flexibility in the actions we might take to maximize those opportunities” (240). I grew up being around happy people and seeing others smile, laugh, and cry tears of joy. To me, there is not a better feeling than happiness and I am glad that I had a childhood in which I could enjoy this emotion as much as I have had so far. Every person should experience the feelings that come along with being happy because there is nothing like it.
Every since I was a baby according to my mother I was always a happy child. When I was in preschool, my mother’s favorite memory of me was picking me up from school every Friday and walking with me to the corner store to pick up a green ice cream. I actually remember myself waiting to get mint chocolate chip ice cream because 3pm was my favorite part of the day. I was able to enjoy the ice cream that I loved and spend time with my mom. My parents would say that as a…

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