Essay about Personal Statement : Occupational Therapy

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One of my favorite leaders in my life was an occupational therapist named Daryl. He worked at the MED on in the burn unit. Occupational therapy is a service that uses individual treatment to develop, or in my case recoveries. OT maintains the daily living and work skills of people with physical or mental developmental condition. Daryl job was to identify my problems which were not hard to find. He helped me regain my ability to feed myself again, walk again and just gave me confidence and new ways to adapt in my new environment. In the beginning I was in a house fire in November27, 2007 the day right after thanksgiving. I was air lifted to the MED in critical condition with a third degree burn from my chest up. I stayed on life support for the first week I was there the doctors said I had died and came back a time or two. They also said because I was so young and a fighter I survived an older person might not have made it. I was in a comma for the first two months in the MED ICU burn unit. The second two months they sent me to the rehab side where I meet Daryl. I hated it and cried every day when it was time to go first he started with helping learn how to walk again. The medicine they had me on making me loose feeling over my hold body. Daryl motivated me every day his famous saying was are you just gone lay there a cry? Or are you gone do something about it? Daryl also taught me how to feed myself again, I had lost all my motor skills. I had…

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