Personal Statement : Mom And Dad Essay

1278 Words Nov 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Mom and Dad , As this year is coming to a close and I have been doing a lot of self evaluation . I have been thinking about my life and what has gone on m trying to come up with some answers , not only for myself but for you as well. I 've decided to open up and relief some pressure off of my shoulders while giving you a look into why things are the way they are for me. We know that my anxiety has been a big deal since I can remember . It has come from the fear of the unknown happening or if something happened I am afraid it will happen again . This anxiety can be quite a burden on myself as well as friends and family. I had a good ,supportive group of friends , who got me through while at CK , because they were basically like family members who would be there when I needed that extra push . But once I went to Southview I no longer had those friends I could always rely on and that was tough on me . I felt that way mostly because I felt abandoned by them and thrown to the side . Although I was not very happy about SVHS , I am glad that you knew what was best for me because while I was there I did enjoy my time there and my friends . Loved getting involved in Broomball and Dance for a Chance. But as we know it was time to move which meant leaving more friends behind , lost and never to be seen again , not a care coming from anyone in Ohio , besides the family . It is difficult to be in my postion because I am a very caring person who wants to do anything and everything for…

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