Personal Statement For A Career In Accounting

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Register to read the introduction… I found myself can do well and excellent in the course chosen because this is my interest and passion. I am the only male student who received the deans list for every semester, and manage to secure the Vice Chancellor Award. I like calculation and I find it easy. I am also good in the subject of Macroeconomics. I love to know how the economic implication towards industries, and how it affects the household and global activities, for instance, when the household income increases, the purchasing power will increases, thus the demand for high quality product increases, so, the import product will increases eventually. Since I have passion and interest in accounting and calculation, I think this course suits me in every facet of study. Since young had been exposed to Accounts related topics as my …show more content…
I have skills in study not precisely in accounting. I am a fast learner, and could remember the lesson taught for quite sometime . So, since I love accounting, I think this could help me to succeed in the course chosen. My previous studies is perfectly related to the course chosen, which is diploma in
Accountancy. That is why I deliberately intend to pursue the same field as what I took for my previous diploma. In diploma I manage to secure the placement of Vice Chancellor Award, so I hope it works the same in the Degree course chosen in your Institution. After completing the course that I applied in your institution. I have planned to open up an accounting firm in the future. With knowledge and experience that gained for your school, I hope I can make this dream comes reality. By this, I could increase the employment rate for the country I served. I can also give the opportunity for people who bundled up seeking for job that they are not accepted and for the fresh graduates that are planning to find a job. I also planned to give some contributions to the country I am working for. I also planned

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