Personal Statement : Child Life Specialist Essay

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Child Life Specialist

A child life specialist is a trained professional that assists families and their children with emotional support, and guidance when experiencing challenging situations during their development. In this career field not only does one need to be knowledge in regards to the overall well-being of children, but be able to build substantial relationships due to this professions vital role in educating caregivers, administrators, and the general public about the needs of children under stress (CLC, 2016). When considering this career field one needs to understand the demands, and responsibilities that child life specialist’s experience daily. Many child life specialist work long hours, holidays, weekends, and deal with disturbing situations. Also, one will need to be flexible and understand that most of these occupations salaries begin relatively low.
However, this particular profession can be quite fulfilling and diverse. Providing emotional support, guidance, bettering, and developing relationships with children and their families is a remarkable career and sentiment. Child life specialist not only leave their mark on the world but are necessary in a multitude of workplaces. In addition to hospitals, individuals in this profession could work at doctor 's offices, private clinics, funeral homes, hospices, rehabilitation sites, schools, specialized camps or within the court system (Learn, 2016). The requirements necessary to become a child life…

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