Essay on Personal Reflection And Self Analysis

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Tin Heng Wan (Derek) 's Personal Reflection and Self-analysis
First of all, I born into this world with all the culture and tradition in place. For me, it was the beginning of the time - my own time line, while lots of things had happened. As a baby, I was putted into an environment that women already have the right to vote or even women can work it certain job. However, the Chinese culture and tradition which about women position still existed inside everyone around me. I was placed into this world with so much confusion and not much knowledge. This is the beginning of my own cycle of socialization, according to the Cycle of Socialization developed by Bobbie Harro.
From the action from my family, I knew that I am a boy and this is a “good” thing for my family even though I am not a first born son in the family. I noticed the fact that in my family, a boy is always in a higher position than a girl in the family hierarchy even if the girl was born earlier than the boy. For this reason, I believed that man is important than women to some extend.
For example, when my grandmother was having a birthday celebration dinner and she will give out red pocket to everyone one by one. She followed an order to give out the red pocket. It was according to the family hierarchy, so I may get the red pocket before my cousin (older and girl) have it. Sometime I might receive a red pocket than with more money on it, too. My parent and grandparents made me to believe that man have higher…

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