Personal Narrative : My Brother 's Reality Essay

1093 Words Sep 17th, 2015 null Page
What is Real Ever since I was younger, I knew my brother’s reality was different from mine. As I got older I listened to people tell stories of events I was there for and I realized they just remembered them differently. My best friend’s nickname is Noodle. She got it the day we first met, but no one quite remembers how she got that nickname. My friend Brianna insists that she gave it to her. I am fairly sure my friend gave it to herself, because she has a common name and three other people in our group at camp had the same name. My friend Lorraine has a story that we all just sort of started calling her that because she kept dropping things because her arms were like noodles. Everyone has a different reality. You can get hints of what their reality is based around by how they remember things. Brianna always remembers things where it shows her in a positive light. My brother’s is extremely different from mine and it is constantly changing. His variations in memory are more extreme than anyone else I met who I did not think was lying. When I was younger, I just thought he was lying too. Lately I have realized he actually thinks all or most of the things he said are actually true. He is constantly changing his stories and if you point out the inconsistencies then he insists he was making it up before or that he never said that. If I was there, like the time he claims he saw a dead body on the way to the bus stop when he was in third grade, it was just because I was…

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