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As I was laying in bed hugging my teddy bear looking up at the wall, I continue listening to the music echoing from outside my room. It was 8’ o'clock and even though I was already tired, the need for staying up stayed with me. I stare and see the big wooden door wondering why I had to go to sleep while everyone was awake. “Sure I was being mean and started crying, but I want to listen to music! I want to party! I’m four years old, I can do whatever I want,” I thought angrily. Suddenly, I roll out of bed and get my toy accordion and from the music I hear, my fingers then begin to mimic the accordion solos even though I barely knew what I was doing; I barely knew one song. My cries of wanting to play would always annoy my dad till finally he gave in and taught me one of the easiest songs. It may have been easy, but it wasn’t to me; my fingers slipped all the time and I would almost drop the accordion, but I was determined. …show more content…
The GREATTTT accordion player!” My kitten April was looking at me with joyful eyes as I pretended she was one of my fans in the audience. I stack my teddy bears in a line pretending they were asking me for autographs and listening when I grab my toy accordion and squeeze it back and forth, then eventually it sounded like a song. “Hehe! I’m good!” I laugh to myself. My baby accordion was perfect; it was red, white, and it had little buttons. The music still echoes throughout the house and I then realize that I want to show everyone my songs so I begin to sneak out of my room and peer down the

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