Personal Learning Styles Essay

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Throughout life everyone learns. How we learn and whether we are able to retain and recall that information is the problematic part. This paper will discuss the ways that we all are diverse and the various ways we are most able to learn for long-term knowledge.

Most people know that everyone has different learning styles. The way we absorb, analyze, and retain information is what makes each individual unique. What is successful for one individual may not be the most optimal way of learning for someone else. Mr. Howard Gardner, Frames of Mind: The Theory of Multiple Intelligences, suggested that there are eight different intelligences governing which learning style would be the most productive-based upon our own
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Presenting the learned material to someone in a sequential fashion is also a useful tool in studying.
Group study sessions for an interpersonal intelligence learner would make the most of his or her communication skills since this type of person is open to different points of view and perspectives. The interpersonal student functions well in a group and would benefit from discussing information and teaching others.
Finally, the last intelligence is the naturalist. This is a type of person who generally understands nature's balance and would benefit from studying outside or taking a break from studying to sit outside in the fresh air or to go for a walk. While this is the most generalized and nonspecific intelligence, I believe that almost everyone would be able to benefit from taking a break outside and destressing for a few moments before resuming studying or returning to a stressful situation or environment.
I had saved the latter three intelligences for last since they are most relevant to the rest of this paper as being the intelligences on the worksheet that I scored the highest on. Being organized and taking notes in outline form, when in a lecture class or reading from the text, then copying them again is how I have previously studied. The Personality Spectrum worksheet showed areas that I did not have those particular skills developed and that some learning styles were better suited for others

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