Personal Leadership Philosophy At The United States Air Force Academy

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The purpose of this academic work is to interact with a squadron level or sister service commander, reflect on my current command leadership philosophy, and capitalize on the experience as I prepare for the next level of leadership. The body of the report shall cover the following three key elements: my personal leadership philosophy, a summary of my interview with an Army commander, and an analysis of the interview in correlation to my personal leadership philosophy. In closing the analysis will end with a brief summarization and final conclusion.
Leadership Philosophy
Recently I took advantage of a course being offered at the United States Air Force Academy (USAFA) titled, “The Challenge of Leadership”. This course was presented by Mr. Jesse Sellars of Technical Management Services, LLC. The purpose of the course was to help attendees improve their leadership abilities by introducing theories, principals, and tools to help maximize productivity as leaders by investing and growing the workforce. While attending this course we were charged with developing individual leadership philosophies. However, before the philosophy could be established and finalized an eight step process had to be accomplished. The eight steps recommended by Technical Management Services were as follows:
1) Know your mission (purpose) 2) Understand your true personal values, 3) List your basic fundamental leadership beliefs about people and organizations, 4) Determine your “Vision”, 5) Determine your…

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