Personal Identity Within The Creative Industries Essay

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Personal identity within the creative industries

1. Annotated Bibliography:

The following case study will compare and contrast three separate texts in order to formulate a question and create reflection and discussion around this. I have grouped together three particular articles due to them all sharing the common idea of identity within the creative industries. Each article discusses a different angle or perspective on identity.

Beech, N., Gilmore, C. L., Hibbert, P. C., & Ybema, S. (2016). Identity-in-the-work and musicians’ struggles: the production of self-questioning identity work. Work, Employment and Society, 30(3), 506-522. DOI: 10.1177/0950017015620767

This particular text discusses identity work in relation to music artists within their industry and the identity struggles they face due to their occupation.

Reid, A., Petocz, P., & Bennett, D. (2016). Is creative work sustainable? Understanding identity, motivation, and worth. Australian Journal of Career Development, 25(1), 33-41.

This paper aims to explain the value of a creative workers’ work from their own viewpoint. The role of identity within this main idea is discusses as well which is a common theme in all three papers.
Curran, G. M. (1996), From “Swinging Hard” to “Rocking Out”: Classification of Style and the Creation of Identity in the World of Drumming. Symbolic Interaction, 19: 37–60. DOI:10.1525/si.1996.19.1.37 This research paper…

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