Personal Experience With Mental Illness Essay

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Approximately 1in 5 adults in the United States experience mental illness (NAMI). Mental health has always been an issue in the world but it seems like it is coming to the forefront in recent times. In the past, people who had mental diseases were sent away and not thought of because it was a really taboo subject at the time. Nowadays, it is still somewhat a taboo subject but is becoming more widely known as an issue that needs to be addressed. People who have these mental illnesses need to get help and most people are too afraid of how they will be looked at if they say they have a mental illness. This taboo needs to be stopped so people who are suffering can be helped and the best way to stop this taboo is to learn about the subject.
I was first drawn to the topic because of a personal experience with mental illness. Because of this connection I think I could offer an emotional side of the paper which is a big part since it does have an immense emotional aspect to it. One cannot speak about something that is such an emotional subject in an analytical way and get people to understand it as well as they would if there was an emotional side to it. Some academia say that if a paper is emotion based that it would be biased, but emotion adds passion about the subject which makes it more interesting to read and in the end gets the topic across.
Another reason I feel that this topic would be good to research is because of all the different routes I could go with it. Mental…

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