Personal Ethics: My Personal Code Of Ethics

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My personal ethics have been developed my entire life. What is right and wrong has been instilled in me since I was born, but what is right and wrong isn’t the extent of my personal ethics. My personal code of ethics is vast and covers a wide array of topics which I hold true to. These aspects are a part of my life day in and day out and will not be changing anytime soon, no matter the situation.
Personal Integrity My personal integrity isn’t necessarily a “cannon” to my personal code of ethics, but it is the aspect that binds it together. I do not want to compromise my personal ethics for any situation or person. It is important to respect my own beliefs if I am to ever respect the beliefs of others. Alternatively, how do I expect others
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He states one must tell the truth at all times. I do agree with this when it comes to bigger issues, but I like to weigh my options more carefully. If I am going to make someone upset or if my lie will hurt someone than I will not tell the truth. The example posed in the video required for class was a murderer asking where your family is. I would lie if that meant their lives would be saved. Truth is important, but if it is for the greater good, I don’t think it is necessarily bad to tell a lie.
Family First My family means more than anything in the world to me. In my personal ethic, I will never put others before my family. My family makes me happy. They keep me sane. They never tell me I can’t achieve anything. They support me in everything that I do. We may disagree with each other’s actions, but we support them in their decisions. If a member of my family killed someone, I won’t agree with their decision; however, I will support them and get them the help they need, even if they are in jail.
Be a Role Model One thing I think is very important in my life is that I set a good example for the children in my life. I do my fair share of stupid things, but I do not make the same mistake twice. I want my future children to have a mother that they can look up to and who don’t embarrass
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I come from a small town where we have nothing to do. We have to bars in town and that is it. So what do all the 21 and older kids do? They sit at the bar every weekend getting drunk and driving home. What do the 16-20 year old kids do? They drink at someone’s house and drive home. I can’t even count on my fingers and toes how many kids I’ve went to high school with that have underage fines for drinking. Is that what we want to be teaching our children? If there is nothing to do in town that it is acceptable to drink all night and drive

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