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“In a way, it’s nice to know there are Greek gods out there, because you have somebody to blame when things go wrong… you understand that some divine force really is trying to mess up your day.” – Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief They may not really be Greek gods out there that brings misfortune to unsuspecting civilians but here are other reasons why we have bad days. The answer lies deep within our subconscious minds. THE ENNEAGRAM The Enneagram is an ancient Muslim tool describing

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Determining which center you are most likely to identify with will lead you closer to determining your Enneagram type. There is the Feeling Center whose types controlled primarily by the heart. This usually feels nostalgia. The term, which comes from the Greek words nostos which is ‘return home’ and algos meaning ‘pain or grief,’ is the wistful yearning for the past. It contains types Two, Three and Four.Two is the guardian angel always ready to guide and help. Three is the workaholic but the most successful. Four is the misunderstood and deprived.
The other center is the Thinking Center. The brain is the tool here. Those belonging to this center believe they have lived the past, are in the present, what are oblivious to the future and so they look ahead, trying to figure out the next proper move for tomorrow. This center holds types Five, Six and Seven. Five is the genius and has created a safe to lock his emotions. Six has a bad case of paranoia. Seven can’t sit still and wants a taste of everything while he still has time.
The third center is the Instinctive Center. Instinct is sensing. You behave subconsciously as a response to stimuli without any particular reason. This center deals with the matter on hand-- the present time. This is also called the Gut Center. Since the first two centers took the heart and the brain, it is fitting for this last one to have all the other internal organs. Types Eight, Nine and One found here. Eight is
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