Persecution In America Essay

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Persecution in America America, though it may be rather young, is seen as one of the top countries in the world. However, on its way to the top it has made a few wrongdoings from time to time. Though some of them may be justified, others have continued to haunt America’s history and its reputation. “America: Land of the free” is one of Americas most coined terms, but it is certainly not the case for certain groups of people. Throughout America’s history, it has persecuted three groups of people: Italians, Mormons, and Native Americans; they were persecuted not only mentally but physically by the American government and also the American people. Some say that the persecution of these groups has benefited America as a whole, but that is surely not the case. The 20th century was an eventful period for the United States; from disasters to space travel. War was also a …show more content…
“They were subject to curfew and movement restrictions, and later were forced to move out of certain areas (Internment of Italians 9).” These people were being treated as if they were criminals on probation, when in fact most of them had done nothing wrong but belong to a certain place. They were subjected to discrimination in certain places and were not allowed to go to those certain places. They were forced out of their homes which left many homeless. “The WRA established about a 50-mile wide Exclusion Zone on the West Coast that adversely affected Italian Americans who had been working as longshoremen and fishermen, causing many to lose their livelihood (Internment of Italians 11). Because of these Exclusion Zones, people lost their jobs and could no longer support themselves or their families. The Italian people living in America at this time were forced to lose everything, solely based on suspicion. These events had no benefit to the United States and only created a bad reputation for the way the U.S. treated

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