Perception Of The Criminal Justice System Essay

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Perception When it comes to white-collar crimes, perception is not just everything, it’s the only thing that prevails. As long as we continue to associate white-collar crime with the images of guys in suits, we will continue to treat these individuals with respect rather than fear. Our criminal justice system does not seem to place much emphasis on what may be considered as non-violent victimless criminal activity. The truth of the matter is that these offenses are considered more as bad judgment calls on the part of the victim, by the victims as well as the public. This type of perception can lead to self-blame for one’s losses and can be a great influence on how the offense is treated by law enforcement. Compared to traditional criminal activity, white-collar crimes do not pose as much of a threat to the public.
In today’s society, not many laws are enforced 100%, but white-collar crimes have much lower priority than traditional crimes. Law enforcement is required to focus their attention and resources on crimes and violence, and due to a lack of education and funding, cannot focus investigation and prosecution efforts on fraud and white-collar activity. And law-makers and the criminal justice system with its overloaded case loads and crowded jails would prefer to spend their time and resources on violent offenders, giving fraudsters lenient sentences, or incredibly low penalties or fines to buy themselves out of prison. The few who are…

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