Perception Changes Reality By Christopher Nolan Essay

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Inception: Perception Changes Reality
Christopher Nolan is known for his intellectual takes on genre pieces. Often incorporating his appreciation and love of the film medium, it could be argued that while he does not always resort to cheap twists, his eye for what separates film from other forms of entertainment and how he uses it to play with the audiences’ expectations and notions seems to be what primarily separates him from his contemporaries. Inception is no exception to this, and in fact shows that even while in the middle of directing Batman, he can produce an interesting mixture of the faster paced style he had recently picked up combined with the complex narrative of his previous works he makes a produces an interesting work that is more than the sum of its parts.
“Inception" on first viewing, it is best to enjoy it, and save the head-scratching and unavoidable deep interpretations for later. Cobb, a man with a tortured past, is approached by a mysterious benefactor and assembles a crew for the big job offering big rewards. Go a little deeper and the jobs goal is not riches, or documents but the pursuit of changing a man’s free will. Corporate espionage has evolved as the mind becomes a battle ground. Your thoughts and dreams work to protect and betray you as it becomes just another tool influencing the truths we perceive and allows reality to be shaped as much as the dream states we are presented. (Hornaday)
From the beginning the audience is shown a dream…

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