Essay about Peoples Barriers And Getting Out Of Their Individual Cars

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Peoples Barriers To Getting Out Of Their Individual Cars

Our happy, little group sat at an outdoor, street-side table of a downtown restaurant where we met up to begin our vacation. They had come into Baltimore by plane and we had arrived on our boat and we met up at here as it’s between the marina and the airport. As they walked up the street coming from the light rail station, I rose from my seat with a big grin on my face, wrapped my arms around them saying “it’s so good to see you guys. We are going to have so much fun together”. The beer was cold, the hors d’oeuvres were fresh and the trees gave us full shade. The pleasant place and the good company gave us all back the energy drained by the day’s travels in the heat and humidity. We all had a nice time getting reacquainted with friends we hadn’t seen in too long.
“How was your journey?” I eagerly asked knowing she hadn’t traveled much. “What do you think of that light rail train?”
She cringed, describing the heeby-jeeby feeling she got from the train ride she had just taken from the airport. “I saw those kids will be pulled into the station and then watched them when they got on … They looked so disrespectful and acted so selfish with their loud music …. Reenacting the moment she was on the train, watching those “hoodlums” get on her train car, she shuddered, shook her head and said with determination “not again!” She seemed to feel as though her security was in jeopardy.
As she described it I knew exactly how she…

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