Essay about People Are Inherently Good By Asanti Jones

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The first essay I read was People Are Inherently Good by Asanti Jones. If all people were raised as described the outcomes would all be varied. Children should develop their own beliefs and learn from mistakes rather than abiding to what their parents believe and value. However, parents should inform and make them aware of how things will make them feel so that they can think before they act and reconsider. Everyone should be allowed to decide on their own if something is right or true and what they decide should be respected as is by others. In relation to schools and education, teachers should suggest courses to students and let the student’s decide what they want to do. However, the teachers should layout what happens based on their decision about their suggestion so students can choose wisely. I do not agree that rules and formalities should be kept to a minimum, because without structure there is chaos and that is detrimental to one’s education. Then there is the idea that “if students find a lecture or other class exercise boring or irrelevant to their needs at the moment, they should be free to choose another activity.” I disagree, I believe that students should all complete the same work at the same pace if possible, because they can collaborate and help each other work; this is beneficial when they get a job and have to help co-workers. In addition to that, if they can choose what activity they want to do, more than half would rather just sit there or take a nap…

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