How Did Camille Hazard Influence The Development Of Romanticism

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Paul Gustave Marie Camille Hazard, born August 30th, the year of 1878 was a French educator, a historian of ideas, and a scholar of comparative literature. The Crisis of the European Mind, which is written by Hazard, is filled with intellectual history that gives the synopsis of the creation of Modern Europe. Hazard’s book takes a look at the transition from the old world to the new world, new developments such as science, arts, and philosophy, and how characters such as Pierre Bayle and John Locke paved the future of the enlightenment and of romanticism.
Now that the Renaissance and the Reformation had passed, matters such as politics, religion, society, and art took center stage. Hazard believed that the only way to save yourself from “complete and utter boredom” was to continuously excel and advance in these areas. From the transition of the old world into the new, the yearning for the feeling of youth came
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Hazard stated that you must make the most of each day, even though the night was bound to come. These days were to no longer be spent being told what to do, but instead finding the truth and exploring its depths on your own. History was also a change in the new world. It was viewed as an art by Hazard, the spiritual anatomy of human action. Hazard also said that history was full of errors, that some history and stories passed could have been passed down by men who didn’t believe the stories themselves, but still felt compelled to continue them. This was troubling, and this is why in the new world, Hazard stressed that what went on day to day in our own lives and what the future had to promise was more important than what was in the past, because you did not get to experience it yourself,

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