Paul Bernardo's Argumentative Essay

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This was the first case I have ever studied and actually took an in-sight look on, and let me tell you, I was very unsatisfied, sick to my stomach and angry, to say the least. I am upset that it took twenty-three girls to be raped and even three murdered in order to finally see justice served, that in my opinion wasn’t even served. First off, just because the Scarborough rapes had stopped, they felt that there was no need to put Paul Bernardo’s DNA samples as high priority, and as a result pushed them to the back of the line and had to wait three years to hear an answer that many detectives had thought they knew anyways. What also upset me is that Paul Bernardo had the audacity to ask if he was able to have day parole. To even think that he feels he has a right to be in society is sickening, and the fact that he has shown no remorse for everything he has done proves that he is a psychopath. He still hasn’t even taken any responsibility for the three girls’ murders and still blames everything on Karla Homolka, his now ex-wife. It outrages me to even write about Karla Homolka but I must give her credit for her smarts when it came to making a deal with police. I believe that Karla Homolka was the only reason the three girls had died because if you look back at all of Paul Bernardo’s rapes before he met Karla, none of his victims were killed. Yes, Paul Bernardo was extremely abusive, but I do not think he had enough guts to ever actually kill a girl. I think that Karla was his life-coach directing him into helping her kill the girls. …show more content…
Yes the case could have been dealt with a lot better, but taking into consideration the technology and laws in the past, everyone on the case did the best they could do to catch the infamous “Scarborough

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