Summary Of Mrs. Spring Fragrance

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In many instances throughout the short story “Wisdom of the New” readers could imagine Mrs. Spring Fragrance getting involved in the development of the story. For instance, Mrs. Spring Fragrance could be added to the story shortly after Pau Lin and Yen arrive in America. Pau Lin is frightened of her family’s future in this new country and is unsure how to act and respond to situations. If Mrs. Spring Fragrance were to talk to Pau Lin during this time, she would try to make her feel less overwhelmed, but also try to explain the circumstances. Her conversation with Pau Lin would go something like this,

“I see that you are very overwhelmed with this new environment which is completely understandable, but remember that your husband had to go through
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Spring Fragrance might also talk with Pan after the betrayal she faced from Mark, and would try to help her realize it was not her fault. The most important point Mrs. Spring Fragrance would stress is that Pan shouldn’t allow what he did to her change who she is, or who she truly wants to be. For instance, Mrs. Spring Fragrance would say, “even though it feels like you have to choose between being Chinese or being American, you don’t have to; you have lived this long incorporating them in your life, and identifying yourself as both that it shouldn’t have to change now after one person’s mistake. Also by her choosing one, Pan is giving into his desire for her to only associate herself with one race, causing more suffering in the end. Mrs. Spring Fragrance would help her to realize that all those people who also got betrayed by Carson (revealing Chinese traditions to whites) would still accept Pan and want her to continue her life the way it was before him. They would realize that it was not her fault, Mrs. Spring Fragrance would assure, and add that she was betrayed more than they were. Why should she have to suffer even more for something she did not do? This advice would help remind Pan of the community, or family she has built from being both American and Chinese, and help her see the enormous support system she has allowing her to get over the betrayal she has

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