How Did The Cold War Affect Congo

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Congo gained it’s during the time of the Cold War. Congo was especially affected by the Cold War because it was rich in resources, especially uranium, which could be used to make atomic bombs. Belgium wanted to maintain control over Congo because of the riches their resources provided. The United States became concerned with Congo because its resources made it a valuable ally, but also made it dangerous as a potential enemy and Soviet ally. When Patrice Lumumba came to power, he was determined to make Congo a completely independent nation, and to use the country’s natural resources to make the country stronger. This angered the Belgians because they control over the country and access to exploit its resources. The US government rendered Lumumba dangerous because they believed he had communist ideals and would become allies with the USSR, and give them the resources to make nuclear weapons. This caused both countries to come to the conclusion that Lumumba was …show more content…
This was a period of time plagued by the outbreak of the cold war. As a result of the cold war, the U.S. and its western allies were not prepared to five Africans control over the valuable raw materials they possessed in fear than they would fall into the hands of the Soviet Union. This was especially important in Congo because it was rich in Uranium, a resource vital for making atomic bombs. Lumumba was determined to achieve complete independence and to have full control over Congo 's resources in order to utilize them to improve the living conditions of his people. This determination for complete independence eventually led to his death. In this period of time, more and more countries were gaining their independence. However, countries with valuable resources became very valuable in alliances, so the USSS and U.S. tried to gain control or access to their resources even in this time of

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