Patriarchy : Patriarchy And Feminism Essay

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Throwing a radical overhaul on the framed aspect of Patriarchy and Feminism, we understand Patriarchy as the dominance of male power exclusively over women. On the other hand Feminism is a political crusade focusing on the equality of the woman 's clan and not ‘superiority’. The concept of Patriarchy bee 's existence with women having to be in the picture without which the very idea of talking about either would be despicable. Succinctly redefining, Patriarchy should not and cannot be limited to the feminist understanding otherwise it would mean prejudicing the thrust, which is not the positioned ideology. Ascendancy positions the bill for patriarchy. Women are designed as to being a splinter group in the midst of a commanding society, and altercations among women are considered to be frivolous by the juxtaposition with the disbursement between women and men. If we position Patriarchy as a matter of fact back to the age old times, it never held place even in the kingdom of God. Should one have to put it in understandable terms, the fruit of Patriarchy is discreditable and cannot be a part of God’s abode. And “if you are Christ 's, then you are Abraham 's seed, and heirs according to the promise,” (1) and the promise does not discriminate. Meticulously doing the unhinged world, would mean, we need to purge the very aspect of Patriarchy from its roots as the modus operandi of lawful control. Illustrating on this base, Westminster Politics is 80% male, and inordinately white…

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