Paternalism And Poverty

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Paternalism as an approach to antipoverty policy is the most persuasive approach compared to enforcement, improving opportunities, and marriage. Paternalism is able to account for the shortcomings of the other approaches while simultaneously maintaining a political view that is appealing to both liberals and conservatives. By approaching antipoverty policy through a method of combining aid with structure in the form of obligations, it is able to both help the poor in the form of aid and teach and guide them to live an orthodox lifestyle that will help bring them out of poverty.
With respect to the long-term poor, paternalism remains the best approach to helping the poor, not just by providing them with benefits, but also with obligations that
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In imposing obligations and giving direction, paternalism emphasizes the notion of a social contract; that in order to receive benefits, recipients must make an agreement to become productive members of society. The primary difference between enforcement and paternalism is that while enforcement simply attaches obligations to benefits, paternalism takes the active effort to administer actions required for the obligations to ensure compliance with societal norms and values, such as establishing a work ethic and following the law. Paternalism enforces norms to help the poor integrate into common …show more content…
It is an approach that really only addresses poverty among the long-term poor who embody bad behavior and could be perceived unfair to those who have a work history and those who are elderly or disabled. It is a method that would be unfair to those who have found themselves in temporary difficulties. It is also an approach that liberals may find demeaning in assuming that recipients of aid cannot be trusted to act in their own interest while conservatives may see it as a form of big government. However, paternalism is consistent with the belief of liberals who believe the government should do more to help the poor and the belief of conservatives that values and morals should be enforced. It is, essentially, a compromise of two political

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