Essay about Past Or Future? By Ray Bradbury

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Past or Future? Sometimes writers write about a world that does not exist yet. In case in which “Fahrenheit 451” was written was to warn people about their future. Ray Bradbury was writing about his future, which is our past. His purpose relayed through his own words, I wasn’t trying to predict the future,” he said. “I was trying to prevent it.”( The National). He was warning us about things. Back in his present the Cold War was going on; a war between Russia and America .Book and libraries in Russia were burned to keep society a way of thinking. Like in his past Germany government burned people (Jews) in concentration camps to keep them away from society, because of the knowledge they contain. But for Bradbury it was different life, his life was library, a place where he express himself. In Listen to the Echoes, Waller talks about how Bradbury began writing at the age of twelve: “He had a dream one day to find his books on a shell in the library”(18).Bradbury came of age during the Great Depression, his family moved to Los Angeles during the golden age of cinema ( Weller 45).The time where televisions put their first roots in society which black and white picture .And whole families were gathering around the television or radio to listen news. Bradbury saw huge advances in technology, and he looked at his own fear of what the future might hold. “Fahrenheit 451” about mind control about humanity and…

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