Essay on Parliament Doesn't Carry Out Its Functions Adequately

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'Parliament carries out none of its functions adequately.' Discuss (40 marks)

In the UK, Parliament consists of the Monarchy, the House of Commons and the House of Lords. This has existed for centuries and has stood the test of time, in that it still exists. However a number of concerns have been raised about some of the functions and whether they function adequately enough (to a satisfactory or acceptable extent). Parliament currently carries out several functions and is the prime legislative body in the UK. It has many functions such as being representative, legitimising legislation, calling government to account as well as scrutinising and amending legislation. It is made up of representatives who are voted in order to represent
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It can be argued however in reality there is little free debate and discussion. MP’s have to follow the party line and pass legislation. Private member legislation however rarely succeeds. The House of Lords is limited in its ability to block legislation by statute.

Representation is a crucial function of parliament; in the UK we use a system called representative democracy whereby most decisions are made by elected representatives rather than the people themselves. There are arguments that representation in parliament is strong. Peers who have more expertise in particular areas of policies and can help to improve legislation, therefore represent many sections of society and associations more effectively. People also feel that representative will have more political knowledge and the forth are more effective when questioning the minister or calling the government to account. This allows people to know that their interests and grievances are strongly represented. Many MP’s also represents the interests of large associations and pressure groups, this allows public views to be voiced. It is said to be representative geographically of all areas of the UK, the Lords can be said to represent political experience and wider experience from public life, and it also represents various shades of political opinion. However it fails to be

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