Parental Roles : Juvenile Crime Essay

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Parental Role in Juvenile Crime Are juveniles predestined to commit crime, or are they steered toward criminal activity by other circumstances? There is a major problem within this country involving today’s youth. Juvenile Crime is a painful reality that the criminal justice system has to deal with on a daily basis. The statistics on juvenile crime are appalling. There are a lot of contributing factors to juvenile crime, such as negative examples set by adults, absence of role models, lack of morals from juvenile offenders, living in a broken home, and lack of education. All of these factors can be attributed to one common element, the lack of parental involvement and supervision.
Although there has been a decrease in recent years in the number of juvenile crimes being committed, the number of crimes being committed by juvenile offenders are very high. According to statistics collected by, in 2013 juveniles (ages 12-17) committed 232,000 serious violent crimes. Serious violent crimes were categorized as aggravated assault, rape, robbery, i.e., and stealing by force or threat of violence. This number can be a bit misleading, as 48% of all serious violent juvenile crimes reported by victims involved more than one offender. Given this information, one can assume that mob mentality crimes happen in almost 50% of all serious violent crimes. This means that the total numbers would be higher considering that crimes were counted by incidents,…

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