Parajumble Essay

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Para Jumbles (CAT Questions)
DIRECTIONS for Questions 1 to 7: Sentences given in each question, when properly sequenced, form a coherent paragraph. Each sentence is labelled with a letter. Choose the most logical order of the sentences from among the four given choices to construct a coherent paragraph. 1. A. By reasoning we mean the mental process of drawing an inference from two or more statements or going from the inference to the statements, which yield that inference. B. So logical reasoning covers those types of questions, which imply drawing an inference from the problems. C. Logic means, if we take its original meaning, the science of valid reasoning. D. Clearly, for understanding arguments and for drawing the inference correctly,
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D. When human interventions alter this delicate balance, the outcomes have been seen to be disastrous. (a) CDAB (b) BCAD (c) CABD (d) BDCA CAT - 1999 4. A. He was bone-weary and soul-weary, and found himself muttering, “Either I can’t manage this place, or it’s unmanageable.” B. To his horror, he realized that he had become the victim of an amorphous, unwitting, unconscious conspiracy to immerse him in routine work that had no significance. C. It was one of those nights in the office when the office clock was moving towards four in the morning and Bennis was still not through with the incredible mass of paper stacked before him. D. He reached for his calendar and ran his eyes down each hour, half-hour, and quarter-hour, to see where his time had gone that day, the day before, the month before. (a) ABCD (b) CADB (c) BDCA (d) DCBA CAT - 1999 A. With that, I swallowed the shampoo, and obtained the most realistic results almost on the spot. B. The man shuffled away into the back regions to make up a prescription, and after a moment I got through on the shop-telephone to the Consulate, intimating my location. C. Then, while the pharmacist was wrapping up a six-ounce bottle of the mixture, I groaned and inquired whether he could give me something for acute gastric cramp. D. I intended to stage a sharp gastric attack, and

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