Paradise Lost By John Milton Essay

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Paradise lost is a poem written by John Milton that explains the story of Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden and how they were tempted by one of God’s fallen angels Satan. Throughout the books Satan defies God and the debate starts whether Satan is a hero or anti-hero. I find in books one and two Satan appears more of a hero and that Blake was of not the Devils party.
Book one of paradise lost explains that Milton was not of the devils’ party in regards to Satan was once an angel of light until he went against God. Satan rises off the Lake and challenges God with his speech to get God’s angels to turn there back and join the devils’ army. Satan in this circumstance looks like a hero to readers because he decided to go against the powerful god. He chose to commit an act that goes against the laws of God and challenges the nature of the universe. Satan attempts to destroy the hierarchy of Heaven through his rebellion. He commits these acts because he wants what he wants and not what God wants. It is my opinion that the author of the book makes Satan look heroic in the beginning because he wants us to like him against our own will to prove us how seductive evil is and how mankind needs to fight that seduction. Secondly, the poem makes the devil look like a hero because the beginning of the poem focuses on Hell and all the fallen angels. It is told from the devils’ point of view and his thought processes. It shows that Satan was willing to defend what he believed in and that…

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