Paradise Lost: Annotated Bibliography

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Annotated Bibliography
Acheson, Katherine. “On Authorship, Sexuality and the Psychology of Privation in Milton's ‘Paradise Lost.'" The Johns Hopkins University Press, 67.4 (2000): 905. Web. 13 Nov. 2016.
Throughout literature history, sexual relationships have been a major factor that contributes to the overall theme of a story. The author of this article, Acheson, makes it clear that sexuality is obviously a prime element in the tale Paradise Lost. By incorporating sexuality into literature, the author states a deeper connection can be drawn between relating themes. For example, sex can aid in the theme of love, jealousy, disobedience, and sin. Overall, the author makes note that Paradise Lost is a great example to support his claim that
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"Renaissance literature has focused on essential relationships of sexual desire and conduct."
(Acheson 905).
Erskine, John. “The Theme of Death in Paradise Lost.” Modern Language Association, 32.4 (1917): 573. Web. 13 Nov. 2016.
The author of this article, Erskine, describes the connection in themes throughout the story Paradise Lost. He opens his argument by stating that all the themes revealed in this tale are intertwined, creating a chain from one to another. He furthers his claim with an example of the theme disobedience and sin, leading to the theme of death. He notes that not one theme is greater then another, being they all are equally important to the overall lesson. Erskine effectively draws a connection between the many themes Paradise Lost exhibits.
I will use this source as an example of the connection between the themes, disobedience and death, in my writing.
"The theme of Milton's epic, we are told at the beginning of the poem, is man's disobedience, which brought death into the world."
(Erskine 573).
Loewenstein, David. Landmarks of World Literature: Milton: Paradise Lost. Cambridge, 2003. 51. Ebrary. Web. 14 Nov.
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The author makes note that "The Chronicles of Narnia" and "His Dark Materials" are both known for inheriting symbols and themes shown in Paradise Lost. He goes on to explain the reasoning so many writers have adopted these themes to enhance their tails. For example, the themes used in Paradise Lost contributes to the teaching of morals, which is a major lesson writers appreciate. Overall, the author of this article successfully describes the deep rooted themes expressed in Paradise Lost, and brings awareness to the importance of the moral lessons it

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