Paradise Lost By John Milton Essay

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In Paradise Lost, by John Milton, Milton introduces his motive for writing this work, to justify the ways of God to men. Milton’s, Paradise Lost, is about the aftermath of Satan’s rebellion and the loss of Paradise after Adam and Eve first sin. Milton provides explanations on why God, an omnipotent being, allowed chaos and misdeeds happen in His world. Milton attempts to reason seemingly puzzling actions made by God, such as giving Sin a key to open the gates of hell and letting Satan infiltrate Paradise. Milton successfully justifies the ways of God to men in his epic poem, Paradise Lost, through the themes of disobedience and redemption.
Milton’s emphasis on Satan’s constant disobedience through plot, proves why God could not forgive Satan and banished him to hell. Satan, an extremely trusted angel in one of the closest circles around God, planned a failed uprising which ultimately placed him in hell. Satan was not tempted into rebellion but thought of the evil plan on his own. He conjured up this act of defiance because he was jealous of God’s other loved beings. While in hell, Satan announces to his followers that, “to do aught good will ever be out task but ever to do ill our sole delight as being contrary to his high we do resist” (1.158-162 .) Instead of begging for forgiveness in hopes of being let back into heaven, Satan continues to disobey and plan for God’s demise. He proclaims to the other angels that they must rise up again and make God pay for putting them in…

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