Paradise Lost And Frankenstein, Rebel Against Their Creators Essay

1289 Words Oct 30th, 2016 6 Pages
Frankenstein and Paradise Lost are amazing novels that follow the lives of the creator and one main creation that inevitably acts out against their creators. Though the stories are written at different time periods and implement a different genre, they definitely share similarities throughout the texts. The stories feature creators that had great intentions with the beings that they created, however there was a turn for the worse. Both creators sought to have the most beautiful creations but their creations become their own monsters and are cast out. The transformation of what was truly intended through the creations becomes a beautiful dream that turns into a horrible nightmare. Throughout this essay I will demonstrate the different ways that the creations in both, Paradise lost and Frankenstein, rebel against their creators.
I would like to start with a deeper look into the text. By looking deeper into the text one can say that Victor rebelled against his creator, which is God. This rebellion is brought about when he believes that he is capable of creating a life that is greater than the life that already exists through the creations of God. Victor has strong faith that through the knowledge that he has and science that he can do something that is greater than what natural forces allows. God is supposed to be the only entity that is able to create living life but Victor believes that through knowledge is able to do the same thing as God, causing Victor to play God in…

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