Parable Of The Sower By Octavia Butler Essay

1068 Words Jun 10th, 2015 5 Pages defines humanity as, 1.Human beings collectively; the human race; humankind. 2.The quality or condition of being a human; human nature. 3.The quality of being humane; kindness; benevolence. As humans in a world where there are such communities that thrive off of the destruction that they may cause, we work very hard to keep things in order, like, sticking to our faith, making sure that we have ourselves in order, and having a trustworthy group of people around us. Doing those things make us feel secure, as if we have everything under control and don’t have to worry. Octavia Butler’s novel, Parable of the Sower, supports my thesis with the experiences that Lauren has throughout the novel.

In the novel, Parable of the Sower, Octavia Butler uses Lauren’s belief system as a way of her retaining her “humanity.” Butler writes, “God is Power--Infinite, Irresistible, Inexorable, Indifferent. And yet, God is Pliable--Trickster, Teacher, Chaos, Clay. God exists to be shaped. God is Change… God can’t be resisted or stopped, but can be shaped and focused” (25). She is saying that God is something that we control, our actions shape God and how it affects us. Lauren’s belief system is fully controlled by the actions she chooses to take, therefore when she chooses to behave in human-like manners God will do the same, which ultimately helps her retains her humanity because when things in her life are going well so are she. Which will help her make better decisions…

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