Palestine Conflict Essay

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Palestine is the Holy Land, though it doesn’t seem like it. For the past century, Palestinians and Israelis (Zionists) cannot seem to like each other or at least try not to kill each other. The hostility between these two “countries” is extremely controversial. The Palestinian revolts have been escalating and there have been two intifadas that have killed thousands of people; it is just a matter of time for the third one. With the way things are going it will likely happen sooner than later. The conflict comes down to three main historical problems: Religion, the Balfour Declaration, and land ownership. First of all, Palestine has been the home of countless of people. Around 3000 years ago, it was the state that everyone crossed to get to Point A to Point B. Eventually, people settled in those cities from around the world. Such as, Egyptians, Babylonians, Macedonians, Romans, and Persians. The people of Palestine later became known as Hebrews, therefore Palestine became the home of the Jews. (“Early History of Palestine” 1).
Moreover, the city of Jerusalem was named capital of
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The conflict began when Israel started implementing Jewish settlements in ex-Palestinian territory, which were the West Bank, Gaza Strip, and East Jerusalem. Critics of the settlements argue that “the continued growth and construction of Israeli settlements assert that under international law, all of Israel 's West Bank settlements are illegal” (“Israeli Settlements”.) Although, Israel claims it is not illegal because Palestine is not a legal state. These settlements created enormous resistance, it gave birth to the First Intifada, which means “Tremor.” Israel responded with attacks towards the Palestinians protesters, which led to the Hamas’ uprising. Hamas gained support from the Palestinians because of its social services, it build schools, mosques, and clinics. It also attacked Israel in 1993 with a suicide

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