Paleolithic And Neolithic Period Essay

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There are cultural changes and contributions that occur between the Paleolithic and the Neolithic periods. In the Paleolithic period, they lived simple lives where they did what they had to do in order to survive. The men hunt, eat, and survive while the women gather and take care of the children. They also traveled all the time in order to follow the animal migrations. In the Paleolithic period they learned language and how to control fire and use it in their everyday life. Wall painting in this period consisted of animals such as bison, mammoths, boars, reindeers, and horses. In the wall paintings the animals jumped, ran, and romped gracefully making it look animated. However in the Neolithic period things had changed, these people had a settled life because they had invented agriculture so they didn’t have to move when animals migrated. Women now had different jobs …show more content…
The style of the Sumerian sculptures are formal simple, geometric and symmetrical, these sculptures may also be religious or commemorative and made for temples. The Assyrian’s sculptures consist of reliefs and statues in the round. Relief sculptures are viewed from one side and in the round sculptures can be viewed at 360 degrees. Assyrians sculptures may have been to frighten or impress people with the Kings power. However the Sumerian and the Assyrians sculptures both represents a god. One statue from the Sumerians was meant to represent Abu, the god of vegetation, and according to the text book, some of those statues from the Sumerians represents gods. Also there is a statue that has been said to represent the Assyrian god Nergal whose emblem is a winged lion. Another similarity these two have is that they both have statues to replace something or someone. Sumerian people had statues craved to represent them and stand in their place, and the Assyrians has statues that represent their gods (Benton,

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