Essay Pain Perception

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The Psychology of Pain Perception Many people in today’s society are intrigued by how differently every person can perceive painful experiences and the variances between how painful something is for one person and how it is not painful for another at all. Everyone is looking for ways to make things less painful or even “pain free”, especially in the world of athletics. Researchers have investigated the psychology of the perception of pain in many different studies, as well as the emotions expressed during the perception of pain. My aim in this research is to gain a better understanding of how different coping methods and past experiences affect our perception of physical pain. I believe that there are many different techniques that …show more content…
Effect of Manipulated State Aggression on Pain Tolerance
Richard Stephens and Claire Allsop In previous studies researchers have found that swearing has a pain lessening (hypoalgesic) effect for many people which gained the interest of other researchers to find other things that can lessen perceived pain for people. This research is based on the same idea that a higher state of arousal would translate over to higher pain tolerance. This study uses first person shooter games as the method of raising one’s levels of aggression to see if it is effective of lessening the effects of painful stimuli. This study was compromised of a sample of forty undergraduates, male and female, from Keele University. The participants were individually brought into a sound attenuated room. They first filled out a fear of pain questionnaire and a trait aggression questionnaire. They there were then either exposed to 10 minutes of Medal of Honor: Frontline or 10 minutes of PGA Tour 2007. After this time period they had their hand placed in a room temperature bowl of water to get a standard for all participants and then they would submerge their hand in a cold water bath for as long as they could stand it up to the five minute limit. The researchers would then administer the perceived pain scale and then the participant would repeat the

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