Cause Of Pain Research Paper

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Pain is something that we as a human race responds to instantaneously. Pain and psychological factors occur whether we realize it or not. While we don’t think about of how short term pain and chronic pain affects our brain, which causes us to act differently psychologically, it does. Depending on one’s pain it can cause various diseases, disability, other serious medical conditions, changes in one’s social life, and the source of one’s income in the aftermath which all causes various amounts of stress to our brain and can cause long-term or even permanent problems.
Pain is an uncomfortable feeling due to nerve activity, and the primarily reason we feel that is because of the noxious stimulus. The definition of noxious stimulus is, “a negative stimulant which can act as a negative supporter of behavior, in serious cases because it inflicts pain or injury to the encountering living being and in less severe cases because it is unpleasant.” (Pam MS, NCSP). The neurons send pain signals through the
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It’s a good effective way to distract someone from the discomforting sensation they feel. A Lamaze class is a perfect an example of helping someone to ease into relaxation as much as possible during pain. The importance of a Lamaze class is to teach expectant mothers-to-be breathing tools they can use without receiving any help from medicine during labor pains. With instructors teaching different and effective breathing patterns, it can help women find their happy place and calm them to were medication is not needed. “Focusing on breathing and relaxing shuts out other distractions that take women away from the work of labor. Controlled breathing helps women become more aware, more attentive, more alert, and more focused. These are all good things in labor.” (Lothian,

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