Pain And Pain Of Pain Essay

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Pain is an uncomfortable feeling and sensation that one would quickly want to get rid of. When a splitting headache arises, the pain receptors will repeatedly remind you the headache is still present. This pain needs to be eased by taking a form of pain medication. For this pain, aspirin is the remedy. It is many centuries old. It is a synthetic chemical compound bearing the chemical name acetylsalicylic acid (Hoffman, 1998). Aspirin works by reducing the production prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are pain-triggering hormones. It produces such pains from headaches to cramps. Aspirin, sticks to COX-2 to suppress pain. COX-2 is a protein made by your body 's cells whose job is to take chemicals floating around in your tissues and turn them into prostaglandins (Wikipedia: The Free Encyclopedia, 2005). Ancient Greeks and Native Americans, among others, used this medicine to counter fever and pain. Around 400 B.C., a Greek physician Hippocrates was one of the first to prescribe the bark and leaves of the willow tree. The willow tree was rich in with a substance called salicin (Aspirin Foundation of America,1999).
In1828, Henri Leroux isolated salicin to its crystalline form. He also showed and proved that salicin is the active willow ingredient (Gelstat Corporation, 2004). In 1832, French chemist, Charles Gergardt experiments with salicin and creates salicylic acid. This medication was a good enough to cure pain. However, the problem was these chemicals dangerously…

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