Pacific Brand Case Essay

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Pacific Brands: Segmentation Australian Brasserie Consumers

Q1. For this case, involving some exploratory research, Exhibit 12a and 12b show the segmentation and descriptor variables used to collect data for the segmentation analysis. Comment on the appropriateness and comprehensiveness of these attributes. What would your team change in this questionnaire and what other segmentation and descriptor questions would you recommend to ask to respondents for a better segmentation and targeting strategy?
1.) The comprehensiveness and appropriateness in the data from exhibit 12a and 12b for the segmentation analysis are very accurate and on point. The questions asked in exhibit 12a, the segmentation variables, are really right
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Also, store display(store displays), sales staff(advice provided by sales assistant), fabric(fabric), cut(bra cut), seam(position of seam on bra), shpohgr(shape of its bra on its hanger), shpobody(shape of bra on body), color(colours available in bra), and match(availability of matching lingerie).
Q4. Does it make sense for PBG to target specific segments to increase the sales for Timeless and Infinity brands? If yes, specify the segments that PBG should target? Why did you select these segments? How do you assess the attractiveness of these segments for PBG (according to the Exhibit in Slide #20)? If not, explain why not.
4.) Yes, it makes sense for PBG to target specific segments to increase sales for Timeless and Infinity brands because there are opportunities to target specific segments from the data from the analysis. The brands Timeless and Infinity are products that are meant to target different types of people, which is why specific segments PBG should target for both brands. The segments that PBG should target are cluster 1 for the brand Timeless. PBG should target cluster 1 because the

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