Pablo Picasso: One Of The Most Influential Artist In The 20th Century

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Pablo Picasso was one of the greatest and most influential artist there was in the 20th century. Picasso was born in Malaga, Spain in 1801 and was raised there until he moved to France. At the age of seven Picasso began receiving formal training from his father Don Jose Ruiz y Blasco who was a painter and a professor of art. And by the age of thirteen Picasso’s skills level in art had surpassed his father’s. In 1895 when Picasso was thirteen years old, he moved to Barcelona, Spain with his family due to the death of his sister. As a professor at the School of Fine Arts in Barcelona, Ruiz persuaded officials there to let his son take an entrance exam for an advanced class and Picasso exceeded their expectation and was admitted. That year was …show more content…
After the death of Pablo Picasso in April 1973, he had become one of the most famous and successful artist of all time throughout history. By the time he died he had created 13,500 paintings, 100,000 prints and engravings, and 34,000 illustrations. Today Pablo Picasso is still known as the most well-known artist of his time and has the most expensive art work to be created with a price tag of $104 million that was sold in 2004.Guernica was one of Pablo Picasso most famous work. And was created as a reaction to the Nazi’s bombing on the Basque town of Guernica in April 26, 1937 during the Spanish Civil War. Being that Picasso was Spanish, he was asked by Spanish republican government to paint an artwork at the 1937 Paris world’s fair for a celebration of modern technology. But instead Picasso painted Guernica a political painting. When Picasso heard the news of the bombing on May 1, 1937 he was very devastated about what had happen to the people of his homeland and that day was the day he started painting Guernica. The painting was done in less than a month and then delivered to the Fairs Spanish Pavilion where it was the center of …show more content…
I love art work that speaks volume and can express emotions and feelings not just for that person who created it but for everyone who can relate to the art work. And that’s exactly what Guernica did. Being that this piece of art was a form of reaction to what is a significant event in history makes it that much more interesting and valuable. Also people today are able to appreciate Guernica whether they are of a Spanish decent or they knew people who died from the Nazi’s invasions. Not only are we able to learn so much about this painting due to its big impact in this world but were able to go see it due to the fact that it resides in the Reina Sofia, Spain’s national museum of modern art in Madrid. I was not only interested in Guernica but I was also interested in Pablo Picasso as an artist himself. Before doing research on Pablo I didn’t really know anything about him except the fact that he was a well-known artist. Now I’ve learned so much interesting things about him and also think he’s one of the greatest artist there is due to all of the things he has accomplished during his

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