Oxidation And Reduction Essay

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Oxidation occurs when an element loses electrons and reduction occurs when an element gains electrons. Oxidation and Reduction are processes that always work together, hence the term oxidation-reduction reaction or redox reaction. Oxidation is also the gain of oxygen and loss of hydrogen while reduction is the loss of oxygen and gain of hydrogen. Redox reactions occur in everyday life, it is a highly significant form of chemical reaction. Examples of real life redox reactions include: combustion, metabolism of food, biological processes as well as the rusting of iron.
Combustion- The burning of a substance causes it to react with oxygen in the air. Redox reactions occur during the combustion of coal, which consists mainly of carbon, in the
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An electrochemical cell harnesses the energy of a chemical process to do electrical work. The two types of electrochemical cells are: galvanic and electrolytic. The oxidation and reduction reactions are placed in separate containers and an apparatus is added in order to allow the free flow of electrons. Oxidation occurs at the anode and reduction at the cathode.
A zinc electrode is placed in zinc sulphate (ZnSO₄) and a copper electrode is placed in copper sulphate (CuSO₄). These are half cells which are designed to handle oxidation half-cell and reduction half-cell reaction separately. The oxidation of zinc happens at the half-cell anode:
Zn (s) → Zn2++2e-
The oxidation of zinc causes the zinc electrode to dissolve to produce Zn2+ ions which enters the solution in which zinc and sulphate ions are present.
The reduction of copper happens at the half-cell cathode:
Cu2+ (aq) +2e-→Cu (s)
The reduction occurs with the solid copper atoms gathering on the solid copper
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The salt bridge connects the two electrolytes allowing the movement of ions in both directions and still maintains electrical neutrality.
The battery used in producing DC current uses redox reaction to generate electrical energy. Batteries are used to power appliances, gadgets and equipment of different shapes and sizes.
Extraction of metals- Metal ores is a mineral or mixture of minerals from which metals are extracted. Before these metals can be extracted, the ores must have a sufficient amount of metal to make the extraction worth it. Iron is extracted through the following process:
Iron is extracted from an iron ore in a blast furnace, present in the iron ore is Iron oxide. The oxygen must be removed from iron oxide, leaving behind the iron. Iron oxide reacts with carbon and it displaces the iron from iron oxide.
Iron oxide + Carbon→ Iron + Carbon dioxide
2Fe2O3 + 3C→ 4Fe + 3CO2
Iron oxide is reduced to iron and the carbon is oxidised to carbon dioxide. The blast furnace is so hot that carbon monoxide can also be used to reduce the iron oxide instead of

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