Oxfam Reflection Paper

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Once I got into hunter I picked a piece of color paper, I ended up with green. You have to sit with the

group of people who the same color of paper as you. There was a red color, green, and yellow. The red

was low income and they sat in a box on the ground. The Yellow was high class and they sat at a table

with a tablecloth, silver wear, and glass cups. The green was middle class, they sat at a table that had

plastic silver wear, plastic plates, and plastic cups. The low income only had ¾ of plain white rice and

they had to serve their waters with a ladle. Middle class had ¾ cups pf white rice and beans and water.

High class had dinner rolls, baked ziti, salad, soda, and water and they also got served.

Before everyone got
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Not to feel bad for them but you all get things handed to you for doing a good deed but if I had this

and I was able to give it to someone else who didn’t have what I had I would do so just because I am a

giving and generous person. Oxfam believes that human rights are not contingent on our country of

origin, our gender, our ethnicity, our sexual orientation, or the money we have or need. Rather, human

rights are fundamental and nonnegotiable. That’s where large, industrialized countries like the US come

in. As one of the world’s biggest producers of greenhouse gas emissions, the US must take responsibility

for its actions by dramatically reducing emissions and providing financial assistance to help the most

vulnerable countries adapt.

While the proportion of the world’s population living in hunger has decreased, hunger endures for

millions of people. In sub-Saharan Africa, for example, average poverty rates remain above 40 percent.

Since 1970, Oxfam America has been making a difference. They continue to promote change “from

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