Overpopulation Should Be Considered Earth 's Top Priority Essays

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Overpopulation should be considered Earth’s top priority in terms of current and future threats. Reverting back to the interview with Richard Fitzpatrick (2016), sociology and criminology professor at Western Kentucky University, Fitzpatrick discusses the negative aspects and possible outcomes of human overpopulation. Fitzpatrick states there are many issues that are currently more important than overpopulation, such as the collapse of the political crises and the bombings in Aleppo. Essentially, overpopulation is of far less concern for society than terroristic acts and the potential collapse of our own political system. The funny thing is, at the start of the interview with Fitzpatrick, he states overpopulation should be addressed by all governments, because it could “push our world into war and suffering”. Fitzpatrick’s argument is basically hypocritical when he says that terroristic acts (bombings in Aleppo and the war with ISIS), which are forms of war and suffering, are more important than overpopulation when, in fact, he stated previously that war and suffering are the effects of overpopulation. If his original idea of overpopulation leading our world into “war and suffering” was correct, solving overpopulation would make situations which are more important nonexistent. Furthermore, Barter’s (2000) article reaffirms this idea when he discusses a decrease in population correlates with decreased violence and ecological impact (p. 242). An important factor when it…

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