Overhaul The Juvenile Justice System Essay

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LB-561was introduced on January 23, 2013 by Senator Ashford. The purpose of this bill is to overhaul the juvenile justice system in Nebraska. The plan is to keep more youth out of the judicial system and in appropriate community-based services. The bill will decrease the state’s reliance on juvenile detention programming, and place a greater emphasis on rehabilitation.

As introduced the bill also states that YRTCs (Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Centers) in Kearney and Geneva are to be closed as of January 1, 2015 and the OJS (Office of Juvenile Services) disbanded. “The bill appropriated $10 million for community-based services aid each fiscal year (Voices for Children, 2013)”. With this bill, pre-trial diversion programs will hold youth accountable and provide restitution to victims. In addition, LB 561will form a position with the crime commission and assist in creating and maintaining pre-trial diversion programs in counties across the state.

LB 561, as amended, the treatment centers in Kearney and Geneva would only be used when the youth becomes a danger to self, others, or property. In addition, there will be a process created for youth leaving an YRTC to reenter the community and be reunited with their family. LB 561 will shift the responsibility from OJS to the Office of Probation Administration statewide.

Some of the changes put in place by this bill included expansion and improvements to the diversion programs. Pre-trial…

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